SU2016 'Layers' Features Request

I have two feature requests for SU2016. When using layers, I would like to see the following 2 improvements:

  1. To be able to sort layers in the Layers window (as we can with Scenes in the Scenes window). I prefer mine to match the drop down list in the Entity Info window.
  2. To be able to choose a default setting when new Layers are added that they can be either added “selected” (checked) or added “un-selected” (un-checked).

As an example of the problem I run into: when a model has progressed a fair amount and there are many layers and scenes in the model, when I next add a new layer (that comes selected) all previous saved scenes now have the new layer saved as selected. Yet, I may not want that layer in that scene, and I now have to go back and manually un-select that layer for each particular scene.

Thanks for your review and comments.

  1. ‘Entity’ Info sorts layers by name. So does the ‘Layers’ when you click on ‘Name’ above the list of layers.
  1. SketchUp always adds layers visible in existing scenes that have layers saved on.
    The workaround is a script ‘Add_hidden_layer’, written by Jim Foltz if I’m not mistaken.

So you add visible layers by SketchUp’s native method.
And invisible Layers by using mentioned plugin.

The 2) is a +1 request IMO. One should have the option in native SketchUp’s environment.

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It’s (now?) called Add Layer: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation


Actually, scene pages keep track of hidden layers, not visible layers.

There was also a plugin called VisMap that displayed a crosstab table between pages and layers.

I use VisMap for that purpose as well. But I also feel that they should have a hidden layer add button or option somewhere. +1 as well for 2)

  1. I think you need to develop a way to organize in layer naming convention.
    This is what I see in other people’s model:

structure A
opt B

What people should do when if they want their layers “organized”

  1. Structure
  2. Window
  3. People
  4. Plants
  5. Option B

Of course, you don’t need to follow numbering order or capitalization.
But this type of naming is typical for any CAD softwares, but I have never seen anyone else develop this type of “Standards”

at least this way, you keep your entity info drop down and layer all organized the same.

To All,
Thank you for your helpful insights and comments. Greatly appreciated.
Here is an example of how I organize my element (horizontal organization) layers:

I also organize my building areas (vertical organization) with a “V” series.
(eg V1; South Wing, V2; Cabana, V3; Lobby & etc.)