SU2014Pro from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

I have SU 2014 and use it a lot with Windows7.

No real reason to update to windows 10.

Can anyone suggest why?

Can anyone suggest why not?

There are no Pros to Upgrading to Win 10 for SU2014 .

Thanks Box, I don’t have to do it. Have herd some issues with 2016 SU and Windows 10

W7 is maintained by MS until beginning of 2020, stay with it.

good to know. thanks

While the upgrade is free, there is a way you can obtain a legal, licensed copy of Win 10 while still using Win 7 - clone the drive with your OS (detach it from the computer), upgrade to Win 10 on first drive. Then swap HDs.

Thanks catamountain but I’d like to avoid the extra costs and learning curve