SU Web: Any way to get a polygon count on a group or component I have made?

As a SU Web (Go) user, trying to make a somewhat detailed model of a house, I have quickly run into very sluggish updates as I have added windows and doors from the 3D Warehouse. So I have tried to create simplified objects (such as doors) that I hope contain fewer polygons and may let the render update a little faster.

Is there a tool in SU Web to check the polygon count or complexity of a “homemade” group or component? At this time, upgrading to SU Pro is not an option for me.

If you triple click on an object with the Select tool and look at Entity Info it will tell you how many entities (edges and faces) are selected.

Here’s what appears when I do what you suggest. Yes, the door is one group, but nothing about polygons or any other measure of geometric complexity. (The frame is supposed to be part of the group as well, but is deselected on the third click.)

Triple click on the door again or again after that until you get to the actual geometry.

FWIW, if you were using SketchUp Pro you could use one of several extensions to ggive you an idea of the entity counts in the various objects.

That seems to be giving me more useful information. (The door shows 192 entities, the frame shows 66.)

Thank you.

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