SU Viewer for fast glance at drawing?

I teach CAD. We use SU4Schools. Students turn in drawings to my google drive all same time. I need fast way to view and grade each drawing for 4-6 seconds. I don’t need orbit capability. Our school uses Google Chromebooks. Will SU Viewer allow this? Currently, When a student sends me a drawing, it shows up on my google drive. THen, If I double click the first students drawing in google drive, the software takes 20-25 seconds to load for each students drawing. And once the software is running, and I double click the next students drawing, the software launches another internet window and opens the second students drawing. I can’t use file, open for the second students drawing. NOt sure why. It launches another internet window every time. Looking for a way to view a SU For Schools drawing easily. Is that what SU Viewer does? thx. mike

I think the SketchUp viewer would load files fairly quickly especially once it is open. It’s certainly worth a try. Most likely the delay will come from download the files from your Google Drive folder to your computer. The larger the model file, the longer it’ll take.

If you aren’t going to orbit or otherwise navigate around the model, why not have the students submit images made from their models? You could have them submit both the SKP file and an image so you would have the option to investigate the SKP file if needed but you could more quickly page through the images than opening one SketchUp model after another.

Dave, Does SU4schools support/offer how to make an “image”? I don’t see it. m.

You should be able to export an image by clicking on the file folder icon and then Export.

thanks dave. I’ll have the kids do it and send me a bunch of pgn files and see how it works. Hopefully it’s faster.

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Would using the mobile app be an option? That can directly load from Google Drive.