SU Update Notifications within Layout?

Hi Everyone,

I’m not currently getting updated model notifications inside of Layout after making (and saving) changes in SU.

I thought that this used to be happen in the past, but now I’m wondering if maybe my option for update notifications in Layout have been turned off.

Not sure if this is a setting, or was hard coded into Layout in first place.

Anyhow, I’d like to turn it back on if I can.

I’m saying all this from the stand point of running SketchUp and Layout side by side. Maybe the notification that I’m remembering only happened after cold starting Layout. Can’t remember exactly how it worked in the past…

As things stand now, I’m going into >File >Doc Setup >References in Layout to manually update the SU file reference. What I thought was missing here was how Layout would remind me that changes were recently made in SU, and would prompt me to update from outside of having to into the Doc Setup menu to manually do so.

If you open the SKP file from LO to modify it and you have Autorender disabled, LO will show yellow triangles with exclamation marks in the lower right corner of the viewports. Or, if you open the LO file after the SKP reference file has been modified and Auto render is disabled, you’ll get the same warning indication.

You won’t get the warnings if you’ve opened the SU file on its own or made changes to it after sending to LO.

Make sure you aren’t allowing the viewports to show as modified or scene-specific changes to the SKP file won’t appear in the viewport.

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