SU requires two clicks at startup to use a tool

Immediately after starting SU, I choose a tool (Line, Circle, etc.) then click somewhere to start drawing. Nothing happens. I always have to click a second time to start drawing.

This is only after starting up. After using a tool, the behaviour is correct. I get immediate response for any tool.

SU 2020 shows the same behaviour.

SU 2019 is OK. I choose a tool and I can start drawing with the first mouse click.

I have found when I start SU, I need to have the computer focused on the work space prior to selecting a tool. This is also like when I switch focus to the other window or browser I have open to do something else then back in SU I must click again to tell the computer I want to work on my project again.

I feel like I have seen this, too. I cannot replicate it always, but it does seem to pop up now and again… Maybe it is related to an OS change?

What is the state of the Instructor window when you start up? Do the symptoms change at all if Instructor is collapsed?

The Instructor Window (IW) has no effect.

I did this test:

1 - Start SU. SU starts with the Select Tool active. The cursor is an arrow.

2 - Open the IW.

3 - Choose the Line Tool.

4 - Bring the cursor in the drawing area. The cursor is still an arrow.

5 - Click once. The cursor change to the Pen (Line Tool) but no line is started.

6 - Click again to start a line.

I closed SU with the IW still open.

I started it again and do the same test with the same result.

I quit then start again then close the IW and repeat the test. Same results.

What is bugging me is that the cursor doesn’t change when I select a tool. With SU 2019, as soon as I select a tool, the cursor changes immediately to the appropriate icon. Of course, as soon as I bring the cursor in the drawing area, I can start drawing with the first click.

SU 2020 and 2021 broke something, unless there is a plugin that messes things up.

macOS or Windows w/ intel HD?

you may want check, if toggling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use fast feedback” changes this behaviour.

I am on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.

I have always used Use fast feedback ans never experienced that behaviour with versions 2019 and lower.

As I wrote, SU 2019 behave as it should. It is only with SU 2020 and SU 2021 that I see this.