SU Pro Scan Essential License Install

Good day
I notice with my SU Pro license install there is an option to install “Scan Essentials” and the “Revit Importer”, which seem to be part of SU Studio. I would like to understand this please.
I purchased a Pro license but I can use those two module “gratis” from SU Studio?

They require a Studio license.

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Weird though, that Trimble would make it available to install. I assume then that once you install those modules, you will be billed?

it’s a global installer where you pick what you want. like a menu.
I see it as a “hey, look at all the great things you’re missing” move. pretty common.

no, you won’t be billed. your SU checks what licence you have, if you have a studio, they work, if you have a pro, they ask you to go studio in order for them to work.
In older times, whit serial numbers and all, it would have been needed to have separate installers, now it’s all account-based, SU will only activate the things you’re allowed to use.

therefore you can install them, they’ll just be deadweight. better not to install then.

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