SU Pro 2021 Zoom problem Mac Os

I took the plunge and upgraded to 2021 hoping that it would be a step up. However as well as finding that some of the plugins I was using are not compatible I also have a problem with the zoom function.

I use a Wacom tablet to zoom and orbit and draw my model. It’s worked pretty well for me in the past but with the new version I now find that I’m in the middle of a function and my model zooms in randomly of its own accord or the zoom function seem super sensitive to the tablet even when not wanting to zoom in or out. Anyone else having this problem or have a solution?

What plugins?

Hi - Eneroth Solid Tools for one.

But its the random zoom in and out that is doing my head in. Might have to find a way of going back to older version if it can’t be sorted out.

Eneroth Solid Tools work just fine in SU2021. The EW page needs an update but the extension works just fine.

I haven’t seen any random zooming in SU2021.

Ok thanks, so do you think it could be my compatibility with my wacom tablet then? - it certainly wasn’t doing it with the last SU version, it started as soon as I downloaded 2021. It’s like the tablet is super sensitive to the zoom function even when I’m not using the SU zoom as I use the scroll function on the wacom to zoom in and out. So I can be drawing or any other SU function and a slight movement on the tablet will zoom the drawing in our out randomly which it shouldn’t be doing as no zoom function is selected and I have my hand nowhere near the scroll wheel function to the side of the wacom.

Are there any palm rejection features on the Wacom, that might have changed recently?

That aside, how are you running SketchUp 2021 in Mac OS 10.9.5?


Nothing changed on the Wacom that I am aware of - it’s functioning just the same as always apart from this random zooming in and out.

I’m running version 10.13.6 - I did come up with a message that SU was not up with this version so maybe thats the problem. Everything else works fine though - and whats the point of having a SU update if its not compatible with the latests OS - I’m not a tech person and the computer just updates as advised. There was no notification from SU that 2021 would not be compatible with the latest Mac OS prior to download if there was then I wouldn’t have done it and in the process lost my ability to run the older version of SU.

Your profile still says 10.9. Please update it and add the SketchUp version.

10.13. 6 is far from the latest OS version. SketchUp 2021 may run on 10.13 but it isn’t supported and odd things might happen.


SketchUp 2021 supports 10.14, 10.15, and 11.

The release notes and Hardware and Software Requirements are available for all to read.

You shouldn’t have lost the ability to use the older version of SketchUp you were using unless you uninstalled it. Major versions of SketchUp install independently of previously installed versions.

I temporarily enabled your 2020 license again. You should download that and try doing the same actions as you did in 2021. See if there is something else going on, or if it is an oddity caused by 2021 not supporting 10.13.

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I had something like this happening recently when I was on Catalina and SU2020. But it also affected other software. To cure it, I had to shut things down and re-open them. I have no idea what was causing it.

Thanks - I’m still struggling with it. But I’m starting to think that its a problem with my Wacom tablet and just a coincidence that the problem kicked in at the same time as I updated SU.

Probably unrelated to this topic but another problem I have is that with the 2021 Layout version when I write in text it is very slow to show on screen - didn’t happen in older version.