SU PRO 2021 3Dwarehouse won't let me sign in

I’m using SU Pro 2021 and I usually stay signed into Trimble because I use the 3DWarehouse quite a bit. However, it wouldn’t let me sign in after I entered my credentials and then I changed my password and it still doesn’t work. Is this another bug with the new release? Anyone else have this problem?

The sign in to Extension Warehouse, 3D Warehouse, and Add Location, has the same 28 day time out that subscription versions of SketchUp have. Your classic license doesn’t need a sign in, but will still show you signed in after those 28 days. Then when you try to use 3D Warehouse you will see a message about needing to be signed in, even though it looks like you are signed in.

You have a lot of active 2021 licenses, are you using 2021, or 2018 that you show in your profile? The two have different sign in needs.

If you are using 2021, is it possible that you have previously been using Sign in with Google? That aside, try going to the 3D Warehouse in a browser:

and sign in. However you succeed in signing in there should also work from inside SketchUp.

I’ll try that. Thank you. And I will update my profile.