Su pro 2018 reinstall license error

Had to reinstall su pro 2018 on a laptop but everytime i provide the license key, it fails and gives an opps message saying its not valid.

The license is a department of education one for utah. Says its valid till November 2020


Does it start with a ‘V’ ?

No,the serial number starts with a th

Starting with a ‘T’ is for version 2018, something else is amiss. In General, educational licenses are valid for one year, so yours must be a network license. Keep using an old version is possible but, as you stated, if it’s valid till Nov 2020, you probably have received a serial number for the most recent version, too.
With a network license, one can only use one version of SketchUp. So everybody uses the same version. If someone activates the newly received serial (for testing the new version) a grace period of two months starts in which you can use the old and new version side by side. After that, everybody must use the newest version.

That is why I always advice to use the trial period (don’t activate it immediately if you receive the license info)
This also goes for (classic) Standalone license, they don’t even have a grace period!


  • Why not use 2020?

  • You can also contact your reseller, there is a temporary educational license available (expires 30 june) untill this whole thing goes away…

Our state only receives licenses for versions 2 years older than the newest.

The license i have is not a network license that i am aware of, and only ONE pc has it inatalled on the network and thats mine. No other pc on the network has it yet. They litterally sent me a email that has 3 lines

Username: Utah department of education
Serial number th-xxxxxxx
Authorization code axxxxxxxx

Thats it, a d im supposed to use it on all the pcs i have inatalled it.


Then, it might be a laptop license, I am not sure.
Contact your reseller or pm @colin for the temp 2018 license.

I do see a license that matches what you’re describing. It looks like it may be a grant license, and those only work for certain IP addresses I think. If I try your license it fails for me too.

I’m not sure what schools are doing during these days where students and teachers are at home, and most likely not on the right IP address. @Tori_SU may be able to find out.

Thats odd because i have never had an issue with it at home. Been doing it for 5 years on my home pc to prepare videos, lessons, etc. And im not hooked to a school vpn either.

It’s to do with where you were at the time that you added the license. Having said that, I’m partly guessing!

Hmmmm, interesting. Yeah i tried multiple locations yesterday. Had my bro in law(150 miles from me) whom teaches as well try it and no go. Went to my parents house(75 miles from me) a d the original location of where i installed it, still no go. Tried on their machine and mine haha.

How do we resolve this? I know its saturday so i can wait.

I wonder, if you could VPN into the school that might be enough to seem to be the right IP address.

Ive never had to in the past? Did tjey recently change this? I have always kept the license within the department a d followed the rules and policy with it. Have not givin it out to non department people either… just me and a few other teachers, thats it. But it was always installed on our home machines since we prepare most of the lessons at home. Haha each teacher lives in different place to, all non vpn installs.

By chance, do you know who my contact in the department of education is? I think it might have changed persons recently

Thanks by the way

I tagged Tori, she will be able to find out.

You could be just running out of activations. Do you have access to a machine that is still running (collegue) If removed there, that activation would be free for you to use.

The license is set to a lot of activations. They’re using about 1/20th of the amount it can do.

Went back to check, it’s about 1/3rd of the activations that area being used.

@lt72884 It is likely that @colin is correct about the IP address. The change was made towards the end of 2019, and so it would not have affected your installations in the past. As Colin mentioned, it is only required that your IP address match at the time that you install the license, and so once that is completed you can model from anywhere you’d like, so you and your fellow staff members can continue modelling at home as always.

There are two things that I would recommend, both of which involve contacting your state grant administrator.

  1. They could potentially whitelist your current IP address for you, which should then allow you to install the current license.
  2. All administrators have been provided with temporary open access grant licenses to accommodate the learning from home changes that have come along with COVID-19, and yours should be able to provide you with this information as well.

The Grant Administrator for Utah is Rick Gaisford, and you can contact him at

For a complete list of grant admin contacts, check our webpage here:

Ok, tbat is good to know. Ill have to have rick whitelist my ip because i do not have vpn access to the school. I float around between a couple of schools. So i dont have a “permanent” location.

Thanks much

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