SU Pro 2018 Crashing Radomly

I am having to submit Bug Reports daily on my sketchup program. It crashes several times a day regardless of file size. I suspect a bad extension or conflict. Is there a way to determine the culprit without turning all of them off and them replacing one by one?

If you think it’s an extension, the typical approach is to disable half of them and see if the behavior changes. If you stop experiencing the Bu Splats, add half of the remaining ones and try again. Keep adding half of the remaining ones until the splats start to occur again and you’ll know the ones to examine more closely.

Maybe before you do that, you might make sure that all of your extensions are up to date. An old one might be causing an issue.

If you’ve been sending in the Bug Splats with something to identify that they came from you, someone on the Sketchup team should be able to look up your splat reports and give you a clue as to the cause.


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