SU-PRO-2017 - Can't load Plus-Spec?


To all,

I’ve just installed SU-PRO 2017 & re-installed all my SU EXTENSIONS. I also just downloaded the latest version of PLUS-SPEC & completed the installation process. However, PLUS-SPEC does not appear as it usually does by asking for user name/e-mail or password to install with the associated SU re-start. It just doesn’t appear to even see it, there is no recognition of PLUSSPEC has been installed ?

Any assistance on this matter will be appreciated.

Over & out,

Ps. Thanks Drew, I just went back to the PLUS-SPEC website & found the alternative .rbz file link & download, all is now installed o.k. :slight_smile:


what is the support status/timeline for plusspec and sketchup 2017 ?