SU Podium: Inconsistent quality after re-opening file to make changes

Hi Friends! New SU Podium user. I am wondering why the quality of the lighting in my renderings has drastically changed when I reopen my file. The file was closed for just about an hour before I decided to go in to make some changes. For context: this is a school project in which I have designed a restaurant. I’ve only begun using Podium in the last 2-3 weeks. This is the first project I have where the rendering process actually went smoothly up until I re-opened the file and suddenly the lighting was way blown out. I’ve attached the file, the first-session rendering, and the current. I’d appreciate if anyone is able to see what the issue may be. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of issues :stuck_out_tongue:

ANCESTRAL WIND-0-0.skp (11.4 MB)

EDIT: The only change I was trying to make was adding in an illuminated logo onto the host stand. It’s obviously very basic, but I have the black waves on top of a rectangle with an LEM. I played around with having the LEM Hidden and changing the power. I just don’t understand how that one thing has blown out all other omni and spots.