SU Model Disappears from view when imported a door from warehouse and cannot find

Hi, I had a model and when I went to import a sliding door it disappeared from view. I cannot find it. Usually I have “a scene” saved and just navigate back to that, but I didnt on this project. I have zoom and zoom extent both ways and cant find. Is there a quick tip. I spent about 4-5 hrs on it. I had saved an earlier version but had done the hard bit. Its saved but I just cant find it on my screen. Thanks Nikki

Attach the model, someone will find it.

Sounds like the sliding door you imported has some very far of geometry. It’s a guess without having your model attached to look at. Try: Open the components window find the sliding door in the component list, right click on it and choose select instances, press delete. Then zoom extents again.

Did that upload work. Sorry never posted here before.

Also- where would I find complements window because that’s exactly what happened. It happened b4 and I had a scene saved so wasn’t a problem.

Thanks heaps for responding :pray:

That did not work. Drag the .skp file off your hard drive and drop it into a response window.

Components pallet is in Window>default tray in the PC (windows) version I believe.

While you are trying other solutions, and finding out how to attach a file, open Outliner (you may have to go to Window, Default Tray, and check the box for Outliner), look for something recognizable in the list, and right-click, Zoom Selection. See if that brings the item into view.

Do you know the exact name of the door you imported, so I can see if the 3D Warehouse model has problems?

Thank you so much Colin. It worked!!! Gosh it’s special that people take time to help others out. I really appreciate it :pray:

If you mean the right-click, zoom selection worked, there was a second part to tell you about.

While you are zoomed in on the single object, the bad door is still lurking around somewhere. If you did a Zoom Extents, you would get lost again.

While looking at the object, zoom backwards slowly, until you see all of the model that you want to keep. When you can, do a top left to bottom right drag around the model with the Select tool. After everything is selected, type Ctrl-Shift-i

Select Cut from the Edit menu. Now try zoom extents. All being well, it will be good, and you should Save. Start a new document, and do a Paste. It should paste the door. Save that file and add it to your next reply.