SU make 2017

can someone explain to me why there isnt a specific category for SU make 2017 - suspicious?

no point me raising issues here on pro, or free or web versions

users have already made their angry opinions known on here

make still remains the go to for hobbyists

I keep SU v6 ready in case also

big T is aggressively pushing the subscription model and also cloud storage - your choice

btw ive been an amateur users for 15 years since SU v4 ( not made a penny mind but squandered a lot of time on it

That’s because it is the model and has been for awhile

The plain old SketchUp category where you’ve posted this thread is the right one for SketchUp 2017 Make as well as earlier Make versions.

It would help if you’d complete your profile with SketchUp version and operating system so we would know without asking what version you are using and give you proper assistance suitable for the version.


afaik i have completed my profil?

I am still not getting posting notifications?

SU make cant export dxf you are looked into collada and kmz google

Not from what this shows.
Screenshot - 7_15_2021 , 12_48_32 PM

Correct. This is a pro-only feature and it’s been that way for more than a decade.

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I think there are a couple of plugins that export DXF from the Make version.

I tried one of these and i think this was the cause of troubles with SU crashing, but I cant be certain in any case it was a bit buggy, problems with scaling and introducing artifacts I wouldnt trust it for a complex model skp to dxf?

no profit, no Make version huh

getting basted by someone using SU since 15 years for free… wow.