SU Make 17 on a $75 windows tablet

So I got bored and decided to see if Make 17 would install and run on this cheap Windows 10 tablet I had sitting around. I bought it and planned to install some Linux on it or Chrome but never got around to it.
It installed and actually works well in all of its 1280x800 glory :wink:
Celeron N4000 1.10 GHz
4 gb ram
32 gb eMMC hd
Intel UHD 600 graphics


That’s ambitious!

I’d bet that those specs you might not see much performance difference between Make and Web. Neither will be running at screaming speeds, but functional enough for the purpose of light-duty modeling on the go. (Of course you won’t need an Internet connection for Make.)

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Sort of my plan Jody. To see how each one works on this low level machine. I’d imagine that SU for Web will have a better screen resolution on this little LCD.The start up window is a bit of an issue but not a deal breaker.

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Will you be relying on that touch pad as well? Or do you have a mouse that’s not in the picture?

Yes I have a mouse and plan on using it.

Must have it installed by rightclicking…:thinking:

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Haha :wink: You know I…didn’t. Just like I do with all products from AutoDesk, Adobe, FormZ, Simlab, Blender…etc. Double click and away we go! They and all my installs of SU work just fine.

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