SU Lay-Out does not print legend

Hi guys,

I’m having troubles with printing or exporting my Lay-Out doc to PDF. As gardendesigner I have a page with the design (=scene in SU) and on the same page is a legend explaining. Like what is grass or pebbles, etc. Now the legend is not printed or just partly.

These are the steps I take to make the page in SU LO:

  • import the scene from SU
  • create a table that contains the Legend
  • copy the same scene, paste it and crop it to have the material I need
    It looks like this on my screen:

So it shows complete on the screen, but when I print it it looks like this:
SU LayOut print

Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve this?

Thank you so much!

What version of sketchup are you using?Can you share the file? I don’t know what could be the problem without checking it. We could try to guess but it will take us some time to get to the solution.

You could try going to File>Document Setup>References
And try relinking the sketchup file linked to your legend. Once that is done, save and then try exporting your page again. See if this works.

Else, you could also change the legend view to ‘vector’ and then export it to a PDF. (In the Sketchup Model dialog box of the default tray in Layout)

Let me know if it works.

Without seeing the file hard to tell - but you might create a new SKP file with flat squares that have the proper fill. Make a scene in plan view, import this to your LO file and use it to create the legend instead of heavily cropping the main drawing.

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Vector won’t show proper textures. Make sure the little boxes are all set to ‘raster’.

Are you printing or exporting?

Hi Francis, working with the latest version 2023. Thx!

I’ve tried both, and both get the same result…

Hi, the references I had updated before and it does not solve it.
When changed to ‘Vector’ it does show up, when changing back to ‘Raster’ it disappears… However showing in Vector does not show the texture which is what I’d like to see.

Hi Mike,
Creating a scene in SU with small boxes with the texture does work out. Great, thanks!

Make a second SketchUp file.
Make 1 meter squares in this new file.
Use the materials tool to fill the squares with the materials / textures from your landscape model.
Save this file as ‘Legend Texure’.

In LayOut go to File>Import and bring in this new SketchUp file.
Crop and arrange this new file on its own page to make the ‘Legend’.
When it is ready make it a group.
Now place it where you need it. Make sure it is on a layer that is ‘on top’ of your other work.

If you share the LO file it would be easier to help you.

IF you are working in 2023 LayOut please check Document Setup>Rendering - make sure that the ‘override’ is not trying to render your model as vector or hybrid.

I’ve created a new scene in the existing SU-file and continued how you’ve xplained. It worked, so thanks for that!

PS, how to share a LO-file in here?? Just attach the complete file?

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That box was not ticked :sweat_smile:

Yes, just drag it to the reply window. If it is too large you will have to use DropBox or similar and share a link.

Glad it worked!!!