SU drawing simple shapes w/ incomplete faces- default person shows up in outline form

Ok, thanks for the helpful info.

new drivers release

Much appreciated!!

I just installed new AMD update, reinstalled SketchUp version 2020, played around w/ Open GL and still the problem remains! How about you?

AMD has escalated my inquiry up the chain,

FYI: Just installed the latest version 20.12.1 sadly the problem is still there. Hope they can fix this soon…

I’m finally corresponding w/ AMD’s Tech Dept. on formulating a fix- I just sent them all of my computer build info, etc. last evening, so they can hopefully see what’s up.

Luckily, my Enscape plug-in allows me to work as Enscape is showing the SketchUp incomplete faces correctly, however a major pain working like this!

Yes, same for me regarding the new update- As expected based on your msg.

I have 6800xt and 5900x. i am having the same problem. Did you solve this problem?

FYI: Just sold my RX 6800 and go with RTX 3080, I can’t wait for them to fix it… I really want to go all AMD but it will affect my workflow so yeah. I hope you can address it fast next time…

I just sent you a reply earlier, but who knows where it went… Micro Center is my local computer store and they were great to send me a 3080 due to the SU issue. After install I immediately noticed that my second older monitor looked horrible. After adjusting Nvidia and monitor settings I got it to look ok, but no where near 6800 quality. The second surprise was that the 3080 was running SketchUp and Enscape with a slight lag- enough to be really annoying- I made sure I was on the latest Nvidia driver, etc. I’m sure I could solve the lag issue, but I’m not going to buy a new monitor when the 6800 makes it look great. I have also been in regular contact w/ an AMD tech who states that a fix is coming soon for SU- they didn’t give me an exact date. I’m going to wait it out as I can use SU w/o issue w/ Enscape. I’m sure you’ll have a better experience w/ your 3080- it doesn’t have the SU missing faces issue.

Yeah, Great for you man, Yeah I just sold my 6800 to my nephew since he’s also having a hard time getting a gpu right now. I’m actually using my wife’s 3070 right now, I pre-ordered a 3080 and I’ll receive it next week. I’m just using Sketchup for the model then Lumion for 3D rendering. So I yeah I’m good right now.

Sounds like we’re basically using SU in the same way. I’ll let you know when AMD sends me the fix for the 6800. Based on the graphics quality w/ my old monitor, I think the 6800 is a great GPU, minus the SU issue.

Same problem here. Just installed AMD Radeon 6900XT and having the same issues. Very annoying.
Switched to MSI 3090 suprim. Hope this will be solved by AMD soon.

We have heard that the problem is fixed by AMD. No specific date for when you will see that fix, but it is due to be in the next update to the drivers. I am keeping an eye on this page:

I’m in direct contact w/ an AMD tech rep. I will let everyone know as soon as they release a fix/ driver update- hopefully it will be soon.

Was it the same driver version that was causing the colour issues (probably with other AMD card types) discussed in a couple of other threads?

The poor monitor quality/ color issue was from using an RTX 3080 MSI Surpim- the quality w/ an older Samsung monitor was poor w/ the RTX compared to my 6800- I think this is what you’re asking.