SU drawing exported: Jagged lines

I exported a SU drawing to my desktop to be inserted in a ACAD drawing but the lines are all jagged. See attached picture.
Is there any way to get a smooth lines exported picture?
Thank you.

I can’t see any jagged lined in this picture. Do you mean instead that when you export from SketchUp to another 3D file format you see more lines in the faces of the model? If so then this is normal as the faces will be triangulated.

Sometimes the computer works out the faces in not the neatest of ways, to get around this you can manually triangulate all of your faces before exporting, that sometimes works.

Image quality can be increased by exporting to a larger file (and, if necessary, downsampling then in an image editor).

Why aren’t you exporting directly to DWG? You need to be using SketchUp Pro for this kind of commercial project anyway.

Thank you guys for your replies.
Anssi, this picture is just a practice test because any time I may need to have a SU perspective inserted in my ACAD drawings and wanted to see how they look in the ACAD drawing. Can you tell me how to export an image to a large file?
Liam, I inserted an enlargement of the previous picture. You can see what I mean. Actually here doesn’t look as bad as on my screen.

On the File menu, look for Export > 2D Graphic and select a suitable format and optionally the image size.

Note, too that a GIF image looks much more jaggy as other file formats as it only supports 8-bit (256) colours so no antialiasing is possible.
Also, AutoCad is not a page layout application. Raster images placed in AutoCad tend to look crappy whatever the source.

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Thank you TDahi!!!

Thank you Anssi!!!

OK, this is what I’ve done as experimenting:
I exported the image as a tif file to my desktop.
Inset the image on a Word document.
Save-as a PDF.
Import the PDF on my ACAD drawing.
Print it.
The dwg print doesn’t look too sharp but it is acceptable.
Your opinion? (have no mercy, I just want to learn how to get a decent print).
Thank you.

That sounds like a lot of work but if it gets you what you need…

It sounds like for your application you need to be using SketchUp Pro anyway so I’d send the SketchUp file to LayOut and render it in Hybrid to get vector lines along with the textures. Import the ACAD drawings into LO, too. Then export to PDF and print that.

Yet another method is to print directly to a PDF printer. In your case you could check the “Use High-accuracy HLR” print quality box to produce a pure vector PDF. You can then import that directly into AutoCad if that is what you need, and even explode it into AutoCad lines and solid hatch objects.

I am so used to SU Make that I am reluctant to buy SU Pro :frowning:
Does having Adobe Acrobat would help?
Thank you.

There’s no difference in using SketchUp Make and Pro as far as the modeling end of it goes. It appears you’re using this for a commercial application so you need to be using SketchUp Pro. SketchUp Make is not licensed for that.

DaveR, I am not using it for commercial application yet, this is just a practice based on a real project, but If all these test have a good result, I may be using it in a real project.
Now if I buy SU Pro, do I have to relearn the way I work with SU Make?

No. You still draw the same way you’re used to in Make.

Thank you DaveR. The cost for SU Pro is about $500. Isn’t it?

About $700 now. You really should be using the trial of Pro so you can get familiar with LayOut.

In addition to LayOut, you would also have import and export options for CAD files to/from SketchUp.

While getting familiar with the Pro, can I keep both the Pro and the Make in my C drive?
Do I have to update the Pro every year as we do with SU Make?

You can’t have anything newer than SketchUp 2017 Make and you’ll be downloading SketchUp 2018 Pro so they can both reside on your computer. They go in as separate installations.

There’s never been a requirement to update either one of them annually. There have been annual new releases although there isn’t a 2018 Make version. But you aren’t required to update if you don’t want to.

Thank you DaveR.
No more questions …for now :slight_smile:
I just love SU.

Ops, sorry, one more question.
I have a desktop and a laptop. Is the purchase for only one computer or can I buy one SU Pro for both?