SU Crashes upon Starting


I’m aware of a multitude of issues relating to crashes with the 2024 version of SU and, among others, the latest Apple OS.

My 2024 version of SU still crashes almost every single time when starting. I have already dialed down the graphics engine to use the classical graphics engine.

After different attempts it seems to happen - almost exclusively - when I start a new file from a custom template. For example consider the two scenario’s:

Scenario A:

  1. Start SU
  2. From opening dialog choose a custom template
  3. Crash

Scenario B:

  1. Start SU
  2. From opening dialog choose a SU template or another file previously opened
  3. Now open a new file with New from template, choose same custom template from Scenario A
  4. No Crash…

This would mean it has nothing to do with the template. Has anyone else run into this, or have an idea what causes this?

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Maybe it does have something to do with the template. Can you share that file?

When SketchUp crashes do you get a Bug Splat? If so, are you sending in the report with your email address attached so it can be traced?

Yep I sent the bugs plat; the latest would be this one: Crash #36655

Maybe @colin can look it up and see if there’s some known issue.

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It’s a ruby crash. Try disabling them.


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The crash seems to happen either when Curic Pie Menu is initialized, or it may be the extension after that one. I can see you’re on macOS 14.5, and SketchUp 2024.0.1, and that Curic Pie Menu is their 1.3.0 that is for 2024 support.

I have seen something like this before. By starting a new simple document extensions are given a chance to get initialized, and then when you open a custom template, whatever features it needs are already going. When opening the custom template at the start, the features it needs are not yet initialized.

I think that Profile Builder was one extension that had problems like that. Do you know of any feature in your custom template, that would rely on a particular extension in order to draw itself correctly?


@Colin @Barry Thanks for getting back, the template indeed relies on some features included in the plugins.

@curic4su Tagging you here, it looks like maybe the pie menu has some issues, are you aware of these?


It isn’t easy to tell whether the extension that finished loading all of its parts was the one that had a problem, or if the next extension to load was the one that crashed. Would it be possible to look at your template SKP, in the hope of spotting what element might need an extension in order to work?

Hello @sanderscholte,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have sent you a personal message to discuss this in more detail and to gather additional information that could help us resolve the problem efficiently.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly at I’m here to help ensure your Curic product experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Looking forward to your response.

Hai Vo

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2024 - A Building Template.skp (4,1 MB)

@curic4su @DaveR I’ve uploaded the template, looking forward to hearing your feedback.

I noticed that sometimes the crash happens when I open the Curic Pie menu with a shortcut key, perhaps this is related.

It might be related. Some users have reported crashing with FlexTools, too. I don’t use either of them so I have no direct experience with either of them.

I looked at your template. There’s a lot of stuff in it already and it’s spread out over a fairly large area. There’s some little bits of loose geometry a long way from the rest. I made a group of everything to see what area it covers. Look at the top right corner of the bounding box.

I also see some otherstuff that looks like hold overs from a previous model. Example:
Screenshot - 6_25_2024 , 7_33_33 AM
There are also some unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 6_25_2024 , 7_54_29 AM

I think it might be worth going through your entire template to clean out unneeded stuff. You could probably eliminate the Geolocation related tags and tag folders. They get created automatically when you use Add Location anyway.

There is some incorrect tag usage and I see a lot of content that seems more appropriate for scrapbooks in LayOut than SketchUp template content. But with my poking around in it, SketchUp didn’t crash with it for me.

Could you go into Extension Manager and expand the Enscape section? It will look something like this:

I don’t get the crash when following your steps, but then I’m on I’m hoping you’re on an earlier version.

@DaveR thanks for the thorough feedback, I will go through the template and check/purge where needed.

@Colin Attached the screenshot, looks we’re on the same version

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I meant to ask before but have you tried disabling these extensions you suspect are related?

It does look the same! I only hoped that might be relevant because your template has an Enscape scene.

Could you try disabling Curic Pie Menu, and restart SketchUp, and see if anything changes? I still don’t think it will be to blame, but as I would have to buy that extension to test the idea, it would be cheaper to ask you to do the test!

Also will be interesting to see if Dave’s suggestions help.