SU 21 Crashing frequently on Fast Computer

I’m running a fairly powerful machine (Win10, i9-9900k, 32gb RAM, RTX 3090 24gb) and SU 21 Pro is crashing on me 10x per day. It crashes when I run Vray, it crashes when I’m just modeling.

I keep looking at my TaskManager before it’s about to take a header, I don’t see any meaningful usage in the CPU (below 20%), GPU (Never more than 3%) or RAM (Max 10gb out of 32gb) so it doesn’t “feel” like the hardware is getting maxed.

Is SU 2021 just really unstable or am I missing some rookie optimizations?

I’m crashing on single models between 100k - 300k polys, typically when I’m moving in/out of groups and then in Vray when I render more than a handful of times.

What version of V-Ray? There were several hotfixes released.

I’m confused about the topic title versus what you wrote…is the problem with crashing or with slow operation, or perhaps both?

To repeat the advice we give for almost any weird issue with SketchUp on Windows: did you install SketchUp by right-clicking the installer exe (not SketchUp itself) and choosing “Run as Administrator”? That is not equivalent to being logged on as an administrator when you run the installer. If that’s not what you did, do so now and choose “repair” from the options provided. If you did install SketchUp correctly, @MikeWayzovski might be right that it is a V-Ray issue.

Thanks for the quick replies.

@slbaumgartner - I updated the title to reflect “crashing” vs. “slow” - good catch. It’s crashing - often. I’ll run the repair function now and see if that helps.

@MikeWayzovski I’m running the latest version of Vray, I believe Hotfix 2 released around Mid-Dec 2020.

Responding a week later for people who find this thread - I ended up updating the BIOS on my ASUS Motherboard, swapping my 2 16gb DIMMS for a fresh set of 64gb DIMMS and haven’t had a blue screen or slowdown since.


Thanks for the update.