SU 2023 shrinking components

Has anyone else had problems with SU2023/LO2023 shrinking certain components within a model?

I opened an existing model that was last worked on with SU2022 and the oak stairs component was shrunk…also when the same model was imported to LO2023 the same component gets shrunk.

All works ok when opened up with SU/LO 2022

Very strange!
2210933 - Shorthose.skp (7.8 MB)

That is weird!

I presumed modelled the stair yourself?

I ungrouped the stair in 2022, saved and opened in 2023 and the stair was gone – it had moved into the building and was still small!


The scale was not applied to the elements from which the stair is made (right click and Reset Scale too see), and in SU2023, they most likely added settings so that problems with models created at enormous scales no longer appear when they were imported and were giving major errors to the file.

It was modelled by our “designers” in Deitrich’s then exported to SU…it works fine in 2022 just 2023 seems to be the problem.

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