SU 2021 Very long startup

I installed 2021 Pro on a Surface Pro notebook 16gb ram, GTX 1050, about a month ago. I run Revit and After Effects on this same laptop without any slowdown. It takes more than 70 seconds to start up and show the start menu screen, and if I start it by opening a document it can take 3-4 minutes. It does not even appear in Task Manager until it’s about to open. My only extension is Vray 5, which would only kick in after a document first appears on the screen.

Is SketchUp using your Nvidia graphics card?

Yes it confirms it in the SU preferences dialog

In file explorer, what path does %AppData% resolve to?

In preferences, Files, what paths are being used for the varies file types?

Sorry, I don’t understand the first question. Are you asking about the Windows file explorer?

The preferences paths are all pointed at the defaults on this laptop.

Just restarting again and watching the Task Manager in Windows, I see that there is a lot of back and forth with the Sketchup license manager. At times it is a very high power user, and goes near 10% of my cpu. Once it stops coming on and off Sketchup appears.

There may be a network issue of some sort.

By %AppData% I meant that you type %AppData% into the path field of Windows’ File Explorer, and press Enter. It will then fill out to be the full path. That path can be on your local drive or on a server somewhere. If it says something like C:\Users\yourname\AppData\roaming, then that’s local. If it shows a path to a server somewhere, then a lot of the data SketchUp needs is being retrieved from a network drive.

Thanks, Colin, I understand. The app is looking for its data in the local drive. I think I’ve got this narrowed down to a Sketchup licensing thing after watching the Task Manager page while I start it. In fact, yesterday out of the blue, it asked me to agree to the terms and conditions as if I just installed the program.

That has happened to my installation, I have not had to do a repair since the last update.

Thank you! Much improved

But now the light tools don’t work. Argghh

I am so angry. Reinstalled to where I was before, but now Sketchup crashes every time I render to Vray. Basically I am completely dead in the water. Back to Revit.

Related to this issue/solution…do you think we can get a button to reset folder paths to default? Sometimes they get altered when we import preferences, and it’s not so easy for users to understand what the correct (default) location should be:

C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Templates\