SU 2021 Follow me tool

I seem to always crash SketchUp when I use the “follow me” tool.
Does this happen to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong someone else may have figured out? Should I stick with older versions for now?


It doesn’t happen to me. Can you share a .skp file in which you experience this?

Is it really crashing or do you get the message that SketchUp isn’t responding?

Yeah, I’ll try, it only seems to be when I’m making chair legs haha

It closes on my and then the “report a bug” pops up and I have to reopen SketchUp

I assume you mean Bug Splat? Are you sending them in with some identifying info so that someone could look at them and help to identify what’s going on?

Did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

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Make sure that you send in the crash reports. The SketchUp folks do read them, and, for instance, @colin might look them up.

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Be aware though that much of the Trimble team is on holiday break. There may be no response until the new year.

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Are you running some plugins, especially renderers? If you do, you might try disabling them before trying FollowMe again. Updating your graphics card driver might also help.

There is a follow me tool related issue we are checking into. I can’t say what the exact details are, but it’s a specific combination of things that can lead to a crash.

You could show a small example file, and I might be able to tell you if you are seeing one of those cases.

Follow Me crashes the program ALL the time.
Multiple files.
My record (today) is 15 times.

I’ve been submitting Splat reports on this for MONTHS.
I do not believe they are reading any of them

1325-C.skp (605.2 KB)

Yes, and it crashes ALL the time.
On this file and others.

The follow me tool is the ONLY tool that crashes the program, on this file and others.
All the time.

This is just the latest file, most of the time I have to add that detail around the entire foundation.

In this case I had to create that detail manually. SketchUp has crashed over a dozen times today.

I’ve been using SketchUp for over 8 years. And ever since Trimble Inc. took it over from Google this software has down down hill. Extension developers don’t update their extensions, but why should they, they still work and SketchUp sure isn’t making any advancements.
I would switch to another program but I’ve got too much work lined up to learn a new workflow.

Follow Me crashes the program all the time.

One of the bug fixes in the recent 2021.1.1 update was to take care of a follow me crash. Can you try using the new version? It’s here:

We do look at bugsplats to find issues that a lot of people are having. Most of the cases for this crash were coming from you, and so that didn’t show up as affecting many people. The other times we look at the bugsplats is when someone contacts support, then we look up their specific report, to hopefully then have a suggestion to make. We’re trying to make things more automatic, so that it will be easier to see spikes in the number of reports coming in.

Sorry for not seeing your reports until now. Thanks for taking the time to write in a description about what had happened. You are near the top of the list of people who do that with colorful language.

I’m running 2021.1.278

I’ve been using PhotoShop since 1996, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert.

I’ve been using SketchUp for 8+ years. The last 2+ years almost daily to make a living.
However I would not consider myself an expert. All I can do is share my experience.

I was running it on a 2013 iMac (nicely configured for it’s time) and was getting a lot of crashes. I assumed it was the old iMac. I upgraded last year to a 2020 iMac (Intel) nicely configured. And I still get crashes.

I recently purchased a Very nicely configured Windows machine. I use it for running Lumion.
However, even that machine crashes when running SketchUp, specifically when using the Follow Me tool.

If I need the Follow Me tool, the first thing I do is same my file. Because in my experience, on a Mac or a PC, SketchUp will crash about 7 out of 10 times when using the Follow Me tool.

The link I gave was to 2021.1.298. That’s the one that has the follow me tool fix in it, which was also affecting Windows. The Windows version is 2021.1.299.

Here are the other changes in the new version:

I’ve updated to 2021.1.298

Thanks for the link.

I hope it fixes these issues. :slight_smile: