SU 2018 Moving the global axis cause new groups to have invalid faces

Having a problem when creating groups with the global axis repositioned. Groups made while the axis is repositioned causes a invalid faces.

Has anyone else encountered this?

How are the faces invalid? Is there a dialog of some kind that tells you that they are invalid?

It would be great for you to get a screen capture video showing how to recreate this invalid face problem. Would this be possible? Or perhaps share with us an skp file with instructions on how to reproduce.


Was using the “fix problems” button to resolve invalid faces, so that’s how i isolated the problem.

I think I’ve found out why, the global axis was on an offset angle, (80.105degrees) to the building I was drawing. Sketchup was probably finding it difficult to calculate the coordinates of planes which was causing problems with auto-folding and intersections on faces. Moving the whole model to align one of the right-angled corner of the building solved the issue. Now even if I draw with the global axis moved, faces are resolved.

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