SU 2017 Make slow on Win 8.1

I’ve read the forums about all the issues with SU 2017 and various Win 10 update conflicts. This is not that. Not a fan of Win 10s propensity to create issues so have remained with my stable Win8.1 x64 system. Getting into 3D printing and a result of that more into SU as well so updated from SU 2016 to SU 2017 to make use of available extensions limited to 2017 and newer versions.

Immediately discovered what a disaster 2017 is. Very unusable. Click, wait …, click, wait …, click, wait… UGH!! Same SU model in 2016 flowed without hesitation.

Yes, SU installed as Admin.
No, extensions not installed yet.
Yes, SU runs slow in safe mode too.

System Description:
O/S: Win 8.1 x64
GPU: nVidia GTX 980 (driver is latest per MS update tool)
CPU: Intel i7-4770

Don’t rely on windows to update the driver, go to Nvidia and check.

Yes, Nvidia has a seemingly endless cycle of producing what they call Beta drivers for this board. Lacking any more definitive info regarding this issue here or elsewhere I’ll try one and see ‘what happens’. Ugh…

The only correct way to install SketchUp is to be logged in as your normal user, right click on the installer and choose “run as administrator”…