Styles and filters

Hi everyone,
I design gardens in sketch up and I’d like to apply filters to improve the look of the exported images to show clients. I’d like them to look a little more realistic and also to then layer a sort of subtle watercolour effect to blur it ever so slightly and soften everything, to make it look less blocky etc.
Please can someone help point me to tools or other things that can help me achieve this?
Thank you

To gain more realistic images you would typically use a rendering application sucxh as Vray and of course you’d use more realistic components and textures. For the watercolor effect you can add that to images exported either from SketchUp or from the renderer. That could be done in an application such as Photshop. If you want to use sketchy edges, you might consider a sketchy Hidden Line export from SketchUp to combine with a rendered, and/or watercolored image.

For this I combined a rendered image on which I had used a watercolor filter with a hidden line image to get the edges.