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As anybody ever seen the figure mentioned in /ProgrammingRuby/.

Let’s start by looking at an object created from a simple class. Figure 19.1 on page 239 shows an object referenced by a variable, lucille, the object’s class, Guitar, and that class’s superclass, Object. Notice how the object’s class reference (called klass for historical reasons that really bug Andy) points to the class object, and how the super pointer from that class references the parent class.
Figure not available…

No, I have not seen any web based versions of that book include figures. (Note: To get to the specific page; after your link, one has to select the “Classes and Objects” subject). It looks like a similar question has been asked at stackoverflow:

From what I understand, your link is the 1st edition of the “PickAxe” book on Ruby “Programming Ruby The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide”. (The PickAxe book editions are all-inclusive reference for the features of Ruby and Ruby’s libraries).
The 2nd and subsequent editions are available from the main web site at (but many book sellers sell them):

You can likely purchase the original book or eBook somewhere.

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