Student licensing during COVID-19


All schools in my and other countries are closed, but the students continue to learn remotely and create their projects from home.

For some work the SketchUp Free and Make version might be enough, but teachers have begun contacting me and asking for solutions when the Pro version is required, so the students can finish their final projects for the semester. Not all students can afford to buy licenses and their Trial versions might have already run out, so I’m looking for a solution for the ones that are most in need and don’t have other options left.

In light of this situation, it would be great if Trimble could come forward with a simple solution to this.
Maybe you can extend all Trial version for an extra 30 days or a longer period?


I Maybe students could use the school’s licenses at home somehow. Maybe schools with multi seat licenses could be given a single user license for each seat and hand those out to students? The ideal scenario would be to sign into SketchUp with your personal school email on any machine anywhere in the world, and just have it work.

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Schools usually have a lot more students than LAB licenses. Sharing the licenses might also be agents the licensing Terms and Conditions.

For some period - all schools who bought LAB licenses got extra single user licenses for the students. It was a great solution but this doesn’t work anymore. Maybe Trimble could renew this program, but that would also involve a lot of extra work for all parties involved. That’s why I think that the Trial extension solution might be the most appropriate one, seeing that not only students, but also businesses are struggling now to deal with licensing for all their remote employees.

If I offer the schools to buy EDU - Laptop licenses for this 1-2 month period, I might polity be told to p*** off, so that does not look like a good option either.



extend trial or Corona Plan is the best option.

I like the idea of a Corona plan. Maybe the EULA could be 1. No commercial use. 2. Stay home and sketch! Could be available for everyone.

3 Wash hands before touching keyboard and/or mouse.

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Statement by SU staff: SketchUp for Universities - Continued Access for Remote Coursework

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Indeed. I now have to teach my class remotely via Google Hangouts and other resources. Our school has SU for Schools deployed, but the point in this years course is Match Photo, which SUfS doesn’t do. So now I have to see about remotely getting the students to install SU Make on their machines. Don’t know yet how that will go. Now if SUfS could do Match Photo, it would be easy.