Student Accommodation (Female)

Ok, so many of my thoughts agree with others who have already commented. Here’s my point format list.

  1. Spaces seem disproportionate. i.e. room are too deep and hall is too long OR too wide.
  2. Not sure of your exact brief OR if this is simply a “for fun” project but I agree with comments regarding space efficiency - typically for that amount of space, developers would want to maximise occupancy.
  3. Related to point 2, in one room there is an interesting space saving setup with walls being chalk boards and desks under the beds (economy design in an oversized space) BUT then the adjacent rooms seem to be more upper end boarding with 1 student per room. If the intention is to have various design options, perhaps consider placeholders for bedrooms in the main design AND have separate layout options elsewhere.(This is probably a presentation idea more than a design point.)
  4. The bathroom is large. I would imagine that 3 ladies getting ready in the morning, with 1 bathroom could be a unique challenge. Perhaps consider separating the shower and wc into their own separate cubicles each. Then you can have a communal basin / counter / mirror setup with at least 1 additional basin. I have seen in some places where a small basin / mirror is placed into each room.
  5. I like the triangles hanging in the kitchen. I assume those are custom designed LED lights. If so, COOL!!
  6. Kitchen layout seems good in terms of the functional appliances (stove/sink/fridge) being within reach of each other. I might be tempted to move the spice rack closer to the stove.
  7. That’s a unique kitchen cupboard design. It feels different but I’m not sure if I like it or not. Can a person reach across those lower units to the higher counter, comfortably? I imagine a slightly bent posture would be necessary, which may be uncomfortable. Just a thought (seeing as it’s student accommodation and you have quite a bit of space), have you considered 3 x individual kitchen units on castors that are lockable? Then each student could have their personal kitchen items, which are on wheels that they can position as they think necessary.
  8. No living room?

I like the big rooms. According to a survey, “The most frequent homeowner regret about their home is not purchasing a bigger one.” It’s good to have extra space just in case you need it for unanticipated reasons. And only having four rooms could make housecleaning & stuff easier. The geometric accent wall definitely gives the space a cool personality. I’d suggest using a wall texture instead of lines next time. You can even draw the texture in SketchUp, export it as a 2D image, then texture your wall with it. It just makes it easier to make changes to your geometry and position the texture. I noticed all the rooms have windows, except the hallway. A windowless area could be cool on hot days, but dimly lit areas could also cause depression from low light. Well lit areas usually make people feel happier, so adding a couple extra windows might be something to consider. Also, I might suggest making each door a unique design & adding more wall art around the house. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it, break design rules, and make it super funky.


I would make all of the rooms smaller, you have to think about how much students are in their dorms and about why. Really its some homework, some sleeping and a little eating, but mostly your going to hang out with friends. I think that you should flank the kitchen with the bed making it a galley style and open that whole area up where the middle bedroom is and make the bath half that size.

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Dear @Devine
Thank you so much for all your thoughts and advice.
It really means a lot to me and I will be taking everything into consideration and improving on my next design. :+1:
I have only completed my first year of study (2019) with Interior Design being one of my many modules. I have thus been using Sketchup for a limited amount of time now and am merely designing for the utter joy it brings me. This was only my second design on Sketchup and obviously have a bunch of things still to learn but I’m hoping to improve every step of the way.
So please never stop giving me advice, because without people like you, improving my skills is going to be quite difficult. :wink: :joy:

Thank you very very much :smiley:
Designing Daisy :sunflower:

Thank you so much @Forestr :star_struck:
I loved reading your comment and will be sure to think about your advice during my next design.

Have a great day and happy 2020 :wink:
Designing Daisy :sunflower:

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