Stuck on a tutorial "Creating a Base Model"

Would appreciate anyone could help me again, please see screenshot , problem is i cant seem to switch off the layer (tag) it is always visible and the tutorial says “now turn off all layers” the tag was imported, provided as an exercise model ?

Below is the screen shot of the tutorial i am following:

“Turn off all layers” means turn off all layers but not layer0, it is an exception, move your object to another layer…

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Layers are now called Tags as in your screenshot. What used to be Layer 0 is now called Untagged. Because this Layer/Tag is the one where all raw geometry is housed, you cannot turn it off. An instruction to turn off all layers/tags means everything that can be turned off. One reason you might do that is to make sure there is no stray, ungrouped, geometry in your drawing.


Thanks for your help, It seems to be working now, although i am not completely sure why, i opened the entity window and selected the tag and it now works.

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Thank you for answer and explaining, makes sense to check there are no ungrouped objects etc,

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