Stuck at scale option in Layout 2016


I have used SketchUp since the first year it was available. I am now trying to learn how to use Layout. There appears to be no manual, the HELP menu is useless, and the information available online does not seem to recognize the changes in the 2016 version (or maybe its a Mac vs PC thing) so I have wasted days trying to simply create a plan of a SketchUp model in Layout. It took me a day to figure out there was no longer a Default Tray and that selections that were available in the online tutorials had been nested requiring hunt and peck searching. Also it appears to be impossible to set a scale for the drawing (it keeps defaulting to “current scale”) and even when “preserve scale on resize” is on, it doesn’t work. Thats where I am stuck now and I can’t get any further. Is there an up to date manual or tutorial?


Maybe you need someone to demonstrate how to use LayOut.

There are resources available such as the book by Nick Sonder.


+1 on Dave’s comment, and then in the mean time, post questions here, as you’ve done: How to scale a drawing?