Struggling To Find My Student's Errors

Hi there! I have put this file in Xray mode so that I can see the lines that are not working. I am struggling to make this file “printable”. Any help will be appreciated.
sam A’s clip holder 6th period.skp (82.2 KB)

The question is, what shape does it need to be?
Is it a block with holes through it or does the extra internal shape come into play. It is easy to fix if you know what it is meant to be.

I’m going to guess it should be this.
sam A’s clip holder 6th period box.skp (90.2 KB)
If you look at my earlier screenshot you can see the missing face left bottom. The edges on that face are broken, delete them and replace with two single edges.

Edit:I had a few minutes so I redid and recorded it for you.
Student fix

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Wow! Thanks for your efforts here! I really appreciate it. So I use Free Sketchup. I am not seeing the option to “Orient Faces”. When I search for it. The “Orient Faces” shows up but does not allow me to select it. I wonder if that is what is keeping me from having a “printable” file?
sam A’s clip holder 6th period.skp (82.2 KB)

Orient faces is only available if you have selected only one face, the gif is somewhat confusing because I first selected everything but then noticed the reversed faces, so I simply clicked on the front face which deselected everything else and right clicked to get to orient faces.

@Box has covered most bases before I could respond [as normal!]
One other point is that the Model Info > Units is set to use length-snapping - switch it off as it will cause unexpected issues… it’s rarely necessary outside of specialist extension’s usage.

HI Again! I think I followed your directions but clearly I am missing a step. I will share the new file as I have made the changes that I know how to make. Thanks for your patience with me!
Sam’s.skp (96.0 KB)

Use a section cut to help you see inside the object. There are missing faces.

What is this thing supposed to look like? Is it supposed to have a hollow central area? Is the top “wall” supposed to be the same thickness as the bottom “wall”?

There’s a very tiny stray edge and everything seems to be ever so slightly off, probably due to length snapping being enabled in Units.
GIF 26-05-2022 12-35-40 AM

The inside is supposed to be hollow.

Hi Again,

I have got rid of the poor line and connected it properly like shown. Unfortunately I still see “blue” inside and this is not allowing the product to be printable still. Thanks for an update on what I am doing incorrectly:)

Sam’s (1).skp (92.7 KB)

I have turned off xray mode, turned off profile in the edge settings and turned off Section Fill in the view settings. So no thick lines and section cuts let you look inside while not struggling with transparency.
So somehow the face is missing and the edges don’t join, join the dots and intersect and remove the ‘faces of the holes’.
Sam again


That did the trick!!! Thanks so much! Not that this is a sketchup issue, but I wanted to share that my two Ultimakers S3 have been great at printing when they work. Unfortunately, they both broke at the same time. I am hoping the parts come in soon to print the projects for my 6th graders!