Struggling to draw diagonal part of a stand

After getting it right in sketchup, I copied just the leg, then used an extension to dimension the angle. It’s a compound angle of 24.2 degrees both left/right & up/down. Cutting it was fun. My chopsaw can cut the mitre in one plane, to cut the angle in the other plane I used a wood jig to position the steel. Problem was I got almost all the way through before the other end sticking up in the air fouled the chop saw’s head. If the piece had been anything other than square it would have made this a real head-scratcher!

Ahh… Understood.

I guess it’s a little late now but next time, you could make a cutting pattern by unfolding the tube and printing out full size. Then you could wrap that around the tube to lay out the cut lines.

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Oh…! Neat idea. At some point there will be a next time, no doubt. thanks for the tip!

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