Structure coffee pad


Dear readers. first all the best for 2019.
Following problem arised during training object SU.

All the components are solid items and can be welded / glued on conections except the outer ring that one is n’t a solid WHY??
The question is… why is ythe red outer ring component NOT solid for the use of “outer shell”
pls. advice. Albert
test coffepad1.skp (1.1 MB)


Looks like a stray edge. Fix it and the ring will be solid.


Thanks Dave.

Can’t see the line(s) without “solid inspector 2”. No download poss. till to morrow, extension manager is closed.



Select all with same Material >> Make Group >> Cut >> Select All >> Delete >> Paste in Place

edit: >> explode the group you made…



What makes you say that? The Extension Warehouse is not closed when I go to it. I only see that extension reviews will be on hold until tomorrow when those who review new extensions will be back from the holiday.


I made a new one. Component, With some helplines No solid, delete lines and circle now solid in “entity info”.

Thanks for advice.



When I want to DL. I got this message.


Errors were not visible so I don’t know what was wrong. Solid inspector solved the problem.