Stringer confirm


I want to ask some stupid questions. I need to draw a stair case base on the drawing. I just want to confirm is there a stringer in highlighted blue areas? How can I change the depth of the stringer and riser without redrawing it?

Thank you for your help.

Very difficult to tell from this one piece of a plan… to be honest… as I look at it, I really cannot tell what it is I am looking at (and I have been reading plans for over 20 years!).

The Section Keys 2B and 2D suggest there’s more information if you go look there. They’re called out as "elevation"s but the section lines suggest section cut information.

I would say there is almost certainly a stringer along the outside edge but almost certainly not where you ring what appears to be a riser.

As for changing the depth of the stringer, it all depends how you have drawn it and whether this is a cut string or a closed one. You may just be able to extrude it.

Purely based on line weight I’d say no. The top landing looks to be the same elevation as the floor. Also there is no hand rail on the outside (right) wall.

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I vote no --if you are talking about risers (not stringers). The stair treads are clearly drawn differently and noted. This is some sort of floor finish pattern. But if this is important you must have a way of getting more information on this besides going on the internet.

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Thank you everyone.

No stringers at the landing, just ledger at the walls and headers or bearing walls at the first risers to support the stringers.