Strange message when trying to open a second file with SU 2022 on Mac OS

I get a message when I try to open a file when I already had started a new file with SU on Mac OS. See attached image.

I have never seen that message before.

Capture d’écran, le 2023-06-17 à 15.31.10

It says in French that the user must be connected.

However, I am connected.

I tried after restarting my Mac, same problem.

I tried it in reversely opening an existing file then trying to create a new file, same problem.

This sounds like that condition where you have to delete some session file from you user library/application support folder perhaps. I had to do that once. There’s another thread explaining it.

The funny part is that If I select two files, right click on the selection and click on Open, both files open in SU 2022 and I can work on anyone without any problem,

I signed out then signed in and now everything seems to work OK.

I must say that I upgraded to Mac OS Ventura 10 days ago.

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It’s a quite regular issue, check “auth token” in the search bar top right of the forum.