Strange Colours

Hi, i’ve used rectangle boxes to illustrate various zones in my model.

I’ve used the paint bucket tool to colour in each box, and i’ve used the same two colours (transparent red and green) on each zone, HOWEVER, as you can see below the colours (reds and greens don’t match) don’t look the same.

I’ve coloured all sides of the rectangles (top, sides, bottom) and i’ve even saved each colour to a pallett so that i can be sure i am using the same red and green.

Can anyone suggest what could be wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.

When transparent faces overlap, their colors are overlayed and result in a mixed or intensified color. That means two faces with transparent red should give a less transparent red, but not a warmer/colder hue.
Can you share a minimal example model? (You can for example upload it to 3D Warehouse and post the link)

You have section cuts around your model right? It looks like the line in the middle is a Section Cut, so everything on the “other side” of the cut will look different due to the Section Cut’s semi-transparent plane.