Strange Alignment Issue: Elements Overlapping in Mobile View

I’ve been working on optimizing the mobile view of my site In the mobile view, I have a section with two elements: an image on the left and a block of text on the right. They’re both supposed to be vertically aligned within their container. However, on smaller mobile screens, the text block Nexus Iceland Portal Application seems to overlap partially with the image, creating a messy and unprofessional look. Any suggestions on what might be causing this overlap and how to fix it? Fixed Work schedules, Electronic payslips, mobile app’s download

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using the SketchUp “Free Plan” which is web-based. You posted in the LayOut category but LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro, not Free.

Share your file with us so we can see what it is you have going on and help you to fix it.

What is “mobile view”? There is no device version of LayOut, it only runs on computers. Where or how are you generating a mobile view?

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Seams to me that you need to check some other site about HTML, CSS… it is nothing to do with Sketchup Layout.

Probably not relevant to your issue, only to confusion on the forum, but you chose the LayOut category for you post. LayOut is a companion desktop app with SketchUp pro. This category is for that app and has nothing to do with how SketchUp (mis)arranges objects in the view on your mobile device.

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