Storage limit reached? (newb question)

Sorry if this is a dumb question. We are designing a Granny Flat, and I am having a blast with Sketchup. However, lately I am getting a “Model could not be uploaded to your account because you seem to have reached your storage limit” message.

I have deleted many files just in case there is a maximum cloud amount, but I still get the message.

Could anyone please give me a clue on what to do? I’m dead in the water now.


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What version of SketchUp are you actually using? SketchUp Make (as your profile indicates you are using) wouldn’t give you this message.

DaveR, I believe I subscribed to Make in order to import a DXF…but maybe I’m only launching Free. Anyhow, it’s the Web version.

Make doesn’t have a subscription or an option to import DXFs.

Since you appear to be using the web-based free version, please update your profile to indicate that.

As for the storage limit being reached, perhaps the file you are working on is just too large. Have you purged unused components and materials from the file?

If you have subscribed to Shop, you should be given ‘unlimited storage’

Check your AMP. (Account Mangement Portal) to see what plan is actually ‘assigned’ to you.

I apologize, I’ve subscribed to Sketchup Shop, not Make.

I’ve changed my profile to reflect this.

I don’t think my file is huge, not to much detail yet…is there a way to see the file size?

Thanks for your help and patience!


Since you have subscribed to Shop, your storage should be ‘unlimited’

Your project must be saved via Trimble Connect to see the details:

Note: credits for Model goes to Michael Brightman of Condoc Tools)

Try to ‘manage your account’ through the hamburger menu on the top left:

Here, you can go to the right plan (This one shows a higher Education) on the left side of the AMP.

At the Members area, you can check if the Plan is assigned to the right email-address.

From the blue download button, you can access Trimble Connect as well by clicking on the ‘Launch’ button.

This pops up the ability to choose the right server (Amerika, Europe or Azia)

Perhaps your folders are at another contingent:)?


Thanks for the help. The Email seems to be correct, and it shows that I am subscribed. I only see the “Launch” link, not the “Download” link though. I didn’t see anywhere to change the server location, but I edited my Trimble Account details with my address, country, etc.

The file is 104 MB…is that at the threshold of what I could save if SU thinks I’m using the Free version?

I’m still getting an error message upon trying to save.

It might be related with the storage of all the versions.
All models have a version history
I see you do not have the Download button, only the ‘Launch’

You can launch Trimble connect here:
And try to manage your model(s) or continent, there.

Edit: you still would have ‘unlimited’ storage…

Thanks, I registered my address there…do you mean “continent”? I’m not sure what you mean by “contingent”?

However, I’m still getting “saving” for about two minutes, and then the “model could not be uploaded to your account because you seem to have reached your storage limit” message

Edited post, I meant continent or contingency :slight_smile:

Thanks to Theon at Sketchup/Trimble, I found that if I open up SU in a fresh Chrome window that my files now save.


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