STL Download Issue

I found a file that says it is ready to print, however the STL download shows an “!” and when I hover over it, it says that an unknown error has occurred. Am I missing something? Thank you, Doug

Where does it show that? where did you find the “tready to print file”?

Yes. You’re missing giving us enough information so we can help you? Maybe you could share the file or its link so we can take a look at it.

Below the image, it states that the file is ready to print, which to me implies that the STL file is available to download.

Thank you

How about a link? Perhaps the screen shot with the “!” you are talking about? Is it in the warehouse as an .stl or .skp file?

Why do you have to make it so hard to help you?

Looks to me as if the STL is not actually available despite the author’s comment that it’s ready to print. You can download the SKP file and export the STL yourself, though. It’s already a solid group so it should be good to export.

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If you click on the 3D Warehouse icon, it’ll take you to the page.

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Well! Not just an image eh! Duh to me! LOL Thanks Dave.

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My guess is that the author is a dirty, rotten liar!


Pants TOTALLY on fire! :wink:


Why do you care the 2016 version downloads ok and Su has STL exporter any way. By the way check the file properties after down load the program may ask you to unblock, it did mine.