Still Installation issue



I got a massive issue with the sketckup pro 2018

(Know that I’ve installed it before, I reset the machine recently and it refuses to install again)

Every time I tried to install it, It passed the first step

And when it comes to the second step which is the visual c++ “14” components installation

I click Install, it started the installation and then showed up a message error

Althought my C drive has 821GB free, so space is not the problem
And I thought that the problem may come from the miscrosoft visual installation that it has to be installed separately, I did so
It started to install and failed at the middle of the progress (same issue)

Nevertheless I can install all other apps

A team sketchup member has suggested me to run is as administrator in case if it was a permission issue the it would fix it, I did and still got the same results!

So please, what to do???



Do not double post.
Firstly it just gets confusing for people to follow what has already been tried.

Secondly, It is written into the rules of the forum!

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Its because I really wanted to solve this problem



Starting a second thread won’t help you get this resolved. As I suggested several days ago in your first thread, at this point you probably need to find a computer service person who can help you get Windows sorted out on your computer.



You post in the previous thread if you still have questions or updates. We will be able to see it.