Still having dramas sending to layout

Hi people ,
I tried sending to layout yesterday after buying 2018 pro licence for a year, anyway it only put it across like this pic below… I want it to show the front, top and side elevations etc with dimensions that I will make from my 3D model. Anyway, I’ve been watching the beginners videos which have helped a lot, like ’ grouping ’ and making ’ component’ …

When I send it to layout, it only puts the one there. This is prob frustrating a lot of people; DOES ANYONE know a quick link where I can watch u tube videos on sending to layout ? I wonder if I wasted my money buying the sketchup pro when I have the 2017 free make, and I have started using photoshop to make my compilations in case I don’t figure this out in time…

Any suggestions greatly appreciated… and thanks everyone who helped me yesterday…

last pic shows what I’m trying to do with layout… I’m sure it can be done without the photoshop stuff but if not then I’ll just have to do that…

To boil it down to a single word… you’ll want to look into creating “Scenes” from within SketchUp.

Go ahead and orient your SketchUp model into the various views which you want to have depicted from within Layout. . . e.g. Plan View, Front Elevation, Side Elevation, and what have you.

At each point during this, once you get things setup as you’d like to see them appear in your paper space layout,… create a “Scene” and give it a meaningful name. (see… >View >Animations >Add Scene)

From within Layout, you can setup viewports by using the Insert command. And these viewports can be assigned to each of the various scenes which you’ve established within SU.

Going about this the manual way…

Use Layouts Insert command (>File >Insert). In doing that Layout will prompt you to choose the SU file which you want to link to. Once chosen Layout will in turn draw in a viewport which has the default image of whatever SU file you picked.

The default image which gets displayed in Layout corresponds to what viewing position was in place when the SketchUP file you linked to was last saved.

To get Layout to display one of the SketchUp scenes instead of the default last saved image. . . Right Click on the Layout viewport, and choose one of the other options which appears under the Scenes Context menu.

You don’t have to use the Insert command every time you want to add a new viewport within Layout… That’s only necessary when you don’t already have a link established between your layout viewports, and whatever various SketchUp files you want to include in your Layout Document. . . Notice that you can choose to reference multiple SketchUp file within a single Layout file if you wanted to.

Anyhow, once an initial link has been established the best method for getting additional viewport adding into the Layout file is to copy and paste them into place.

Copy/Paste will give you the same thing and you’ll still have to go into to each one and change the Scene to one of the other scene options you wanted to dispaly.

You can expect this to also scale up, so that as you get more intricate page layouts with various viewports nicely arranged on a single page… that page can be copy/duplicated, and all of the nice layout formatting can be pushed across multiple pages.

… albeit, there will still be the old task of changing scenes around as final step.

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Wow x infinity. Thank you so so so much !
I will be getting into this tomorrow. I so appreciate this. Bless you heaps!

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