Sticky lines

Hi everyone

I understand the concept of stickiness and creating components to avoid this.

I have created this plant, and to keep it low poly and small file size I’m going to keep the stems as lines, rather than make them 2D or 3D objects.

Sometimes when I draw them as curves, I have to rotate them, but they are stuck to the other lines in the model, and keep distorting them when I try to rotate one of them.

Can you create components from individual lines (edges)? I don’t seem to have that option when i select the line and right click.

Thanks in advance

Select the single edge and Tap g, it is the shortcut for make component.


Love it when someone comes up with a solution in a couple of words, whilst I’ve been scratching my head for 2 hrs!

Cheers Box

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I originally just wrote ‘tap g’ but thought it sounded a bit too abrupt so added the rest.

Maybe Discourse would have prevented you, too. :wink:

r yes