.step file

Hello so i have a cad model that i would like to 3d print but but it is a .step file and not a .stl file so i cant use it in cura the model is a wall mount for an Ipad i have tried some online converters but they don’t seem to work can anyone help he out ?
(i don’t own any cad software)

You could use the SimLab Step Importer to get the file into a desktop version of SketchUp.

sadly i don’t own sketchup :frowning:

I was hoping somebody who has it can help out

Your profile is misleading, then. Please correct it.

oh im verry sorry i will

this might work:

alredy tried and did not work

upload the file, someone might have a look at it

post the file

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I uploaded it to google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WOZVWQEefhBKuoPsnmwwrwli1qBNwyJP/view?usp=sharing

if you could have a look that would literally made my day :heart:

This should be ready for Cura.

Ipad Holder.stl (113.2 KB)

You must have a big printer.


endlessfix is fast…
ipad7.stl (95,2 KB)


i literally love you guys thank you so much

im new to all of this but is it possible that the original file consists of multiple parts because i had a look at it and it doesn’t really make sense ?

try this one,I hadn’t checked and was using a preset for another job

ipad7.stl (121,8 KB)

this is what it looks like now

this is what is is suposed to look like 2
im not sure why

I pulled the model apart a bit. There are some internal structures but it does not look like the diagram you posted. Here it is with the front and back pulled apart. I see some tubes that sort of look like they are in the position to be fastener tubes, but they do not open on the back and are not connected to the rest of the geometry. Furthermore, all of the pieces I pulled apart are single faces, not possible to print by themselves as they have no thickness. I don’t see a way to use this file as an iPad case.

Looks like it should break down into two parts, one screws on the wall with the depression for the ipad, the other is the cover for the screws and to trap the ipad with an open front.