Startup routine after loading ruby

hello , and thank you for attention … and for answer (!!)

I need to run a routine that is a “startup” for many succesives operation ( like version control, loading models, etc… ) that are different from a normal startup executeble UI methods

First : I need define a startup as :
def StartPersonalSU
… ( various istruction & call to other routines)

and this is no a problem

Second : I need run StartPersonalSU when SU is startef, after all rubys all loaded

Does someboy know the specified method to apply ?

Thank you and bye bye

I use a timer set for one second. On slower machines you might want to wait longer to ensure all plugins are loaded.

UI.start_timer(1) { StartPersonalSU }

Or if you know specific extension you can require it to make your extension load after it.

SketchUp::require ‘some_extension.rb’