Startup crashes after reinstall



Hello Friends,
I have installed Sketchup Make on my PC computer and it worked fine.
After a few months of not using it, I run it again and it doesn’t start.
Tried to uninstall,download and reinstall the app from site and got an error popup:

Ideas anyone?


Look back over the forum posts for ones about Windows 10 updates. You may be another victim of a bad update that Microsoft pushed out.


Thanks for the quick respond.
I’ll try your answer although windows didnt make any update during this time.
If have more solutions i’ll be glad.


Maya your forum profile doesn’t say what SketchUp version you are running.


Sketchup make


That is the product edition, not the version.

The version is a 3 part number, like: 15.3.331, 16.1.1449 or 17.2.2555, etc.
It is displayed in the About dialog that you open from the Help menu.

This can help you find information on your graphics system. (Update your graphics driver if possible.)


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