Stacking problem with PDF export


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I have a stacking problem when exporting to pdf. In essence, I made some circular tag notes with white backgrounds with text numbers on top so they can be seen over a layout view port. This worked o.k. however when I export to pdf, the white fill background to the tags are missing.

The circular tags & numbers are on one layer & the plan behind on another.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong ?
See enclosed images.

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What happens if you quit LayOut, go SketchUp’s preferences and in OpenGL turn off Use Hardware Acceleration? Then go back to LayOut. Is there any difference?


Like Dave, I too suspect an OpenGL glitch.

Is the SketchUp viewport using Raster, Vectot or Hybrid rendering?

What PDF viewer are you using?



Thanks DaveR & Anssi for your suggestions.

I’ve not had & chance to look into these ideas yet, but will do soon, as I needed to get the project out to the client. However I did find a temporary fix. This foundation/floor structure plan had many views, the more detailed one on the same LAYOUT sheet was a 2D Flat GA Plan. I noted a Section A-A marker had retained the white fill when exported to PDF file format. So I grabbed that one, made a copy & edited it down for use for the circular tag number markers fills that didn’t pdf export correctly, this worked.

See enclosed.

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I found that instead of Export as PDF, I have had to Print to a PDF virtual printer. In my case, I have PDF Architect version 4. It seems to work fine that way, but I am sure that was not the intent of “export as PDF”. This seems to be a glitch in the export function. BTW, this is still a problem in SU Pro v17.0.18899 64-bit…


I encountered something similar with Layout export to PDF in SU 2017. If I was inserting pictures into my documents and then exporting to PDF I would find that they would shift, if I exported to JPEG it was fine. I then tried the “print as PDF” option as ctn919 suggested and it worked fine. It’s in PDF form and no shifted pictures! Most be a glitch in there.


Exporting and printing PDF files works differently. Printing essentially exports an image of your page ans puts that on a “sheet” inside a PDF file. That makes the structure of the file quite simple.

Exporting to PDF creates a much more complex file, with images, vector lines, text items and fills stacked on a page and further complicated if also layers are included. It is good if you intend to postprocess the file with an illustration application. I have noticed, previously with AutoCad, that this sometimes becomes just too much for a PDF viewer to display or print to paper correctly. The workaround is either a “printed” PDF or then an attempt to simplify the page: Switch to raster rendering for SketchUp views (or Vector, if you already did), do not export layers (or do, if your failed export didn’t). All these to make it easier for Acrobat (or your PDF viewer of choice) to interpret what the stacking order on the page is.

Just suggestions