SSD Storage (drive C)

The problem we encountered was with Sketchup 2017. We were modeling a 2MB file (attached below, file name: 3D TRIAL) and as I was saving it the SketchUp cannot be saved it created a TEMP Files (jpeg file attached below: SkecthUp Temp Files) with about 230 GB and later 180GB (jpeg file attached below, file name: SSD Storage). The Sketchup did not respond until I force it to.

Unfortunately, none of the files mentioned is attached to your post. You would not be able to attach a large file such as the 180 GB file because there is a limit of 3 mb for posting to the forum. Try to resubmit your post, being sure to attach the 2 mb file and the attendant jpeg files by clicking the upload icon which is the 7th icon from the left at the top of the reply box. Also, it is not clear how your issue relates to your title. Please be explicit in defining how your SSD storage impacts the issue.

How to send the SKP file and jpg file for your reference.

Thank you

(How to send the .skp file)

Not 100% sure what you are showing here, but it looks like you are trying to save to a drive that does not have enough space for the file(?)

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Sketchup 2017 have issue to SSD? Because client using SSD.
as per client while draw the basic drawing 3MB file they encounter the BUG SPLAT.

It makes no difference whether Disc C is a conventional disc or SSD


You seem oblivious to the state of Drive C
There’s little wonder why applications are having difficulty writing to disc.
For all practical purposes … It’s FULL !

You need to transfer data to another drive and then cleanup C
It’s that, or the next thing to crash may well be the Operating System.

Disc Space


[ot]if you wanna migrate to a bigger SSD you may want use free MiniTool Partition Wizard for doing that.[/ot]

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