Squaring misaligned geometry; Issues with section cuts

I have two separate issues on this file.

  1. Is there a method for squaring things up in the model as a whole? Recently, I discovered the necessity of using “Lock.” Main walls are off by less than a 0.3 degrees. (Note, in this file, I set up a separate partial model to work on roof segments. Both walls were copied and then put on the green axis. )
    ADU 6079 Meridian St - v.8.3 fr temp - restart 60:30 roof copy.skp (7.4 MB)

2.1) I did many section cuts, yesterday all but two of them disappeared.
2.2) I have the following difficulty with section 4B. I set the section plane a fraction of an inch east of the demising wall between the rec rm and the garage. (The garage will become an ADU.) I sage the settings, including camera position. Sometimes when I compact to it I am on the wrong side of the demising wall. Also, when in section 5B scene, I start a new component but immediately the camera pulls back to the west side of the wall.

For Forum protocol, should these be separate posts?

Thanks! Sam Harrison